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In 1992 the Public Sector Managers’ Association was formed to provide representation to managers in State government. For almost 20 years that organization served as the constitutional representative of managers, but had no right to provide collective bargaining. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) partnered with PSMA in 2010 to support bi-partisan legislation in the NJ Legislature that created a bargaining unit for state managers. In January of 2010 Governor Corzine signed that legislation which also enabled Deputy Attorneys’ General to have collective bargaining rights as well.

After a successful card count campaign the IBEW was chosen to represent most NJ state managers and designated as Local 30. Local 30 then elected a slate of officers and appointed a Negotiating Team to negotiate its first contract with the State of New Jersey. In 2013, for the first time in the history of NJ state government, managers had a formal contract.  IBEW Local 30 is part of one of the largest unions in the country – the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and has the support of IBEW locals through out the country. IBEW Local 30 is also proud of our partnership with IBEW Local 33 which represents the Deputy Attorneys’ General.

IBEW Local 30 Executive Board

President: William F. Lowry, IV, Environmental Protection (Retired)
Vice President: Stan V. Cach, Environmental Protection (Retired)
Business Manager: Alfred C. Laubsch, Jr., Labor
Recording Secretary: Paula Howard, Health (Retired)
Financial Secretary: Tom MacDonald, Treasury (Retired)
Treasurer: Fred Gmitter, Law & Public Safety
Executive Board Member: Scott Pericoloso, Treasury (Retired)
Executive Board Member: Nancy Hopkins, Human Services
Executive Board Member: Jacqueline Frasier, Human Services (Retired) 
Executive Board Member: Dr. Sindy Paul, Law & Public Safety (Retired)
Executive Board Member: Paul Giordano, Motor Vehicle Commission (Retired)




Lisa Ginther, Director of Membership Services

Barry Chalofsky, Webmaster

IBEW Local 30
212 West State St.
Trenton, NJ 08608
[email protected]


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