Join Local 30

Join IBEW Local 30

If you are interested in joining IBEW Local 30 please fill out and submit the application form below.  All you need to do is complete the following steps:

Please print out the Dues Deduction Card form, fill it out, and submit it to your agency payroll clerk; and

Download and fill out the IBEW Membership Application 2023 and send it to:

IBEW Local 30
212 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608

[email protected]


Why Should You Join IBEW Local 30

Since 1985 managers have been treated like “second class citizens.”
Most managers make less than their subordinates, and have seen their pay shrink to due rising healthcare costs. With the creation of IBEW Local 30, for the first time in the history of State government, we now have a contract that begins to right those wrongs.
But there is still work to be done!


In order to guarantee that we have equity and fairness going forward –
We Need You to join IBEW Local 30 as a full member.


• While we have successfully negotiated three contracts with the State, we still have to constantly fight to maintain the goal of full equity in pay with our subordinates!
• We need to protect the gains we have made – we are constantly vigilant to ensure that we don’t go backwards as happened in the years before IBEW.
• Healthcare costs keep rising, but your pay has not kept up. We need to keep fighting to preserve our benefits.
• Sick leave upon retirement is still on the table – we are meeting with legislators to preserve our rights.
• IBEW has successfully represented managers in grievances and discipline – who will you turn to if you need help?
• The administration only respects numbers – if everyone joins as a full member we will be in the strongest possible position for the next contract negotiation which is starting in a few months.
• There is no penalty for joining the union as some have suggested – it is illegal to discriminate on that basis.
• Our Local is run by managers – for managers – the International is there to support us – not tell us what to do.

There is no time to wait –
You Need to Take Action Now!
Fill out the application and dues deduction card.
Stand up and be counted!